Denise wins Quilting Isn’t Funny


Denise of My Life in Quilts is the winner of my recent book giveaway that was part of the Quilting Isn’t Funny Blog Tour. She will receive a signed copy of Quilting Isn’t Funny by humorist Megan Dougherty.

To get a chance to enter the contest, I asked Craft Gossip readers to share something funny that happened to them while quilting. Denise wrote:

This is only funny because it worked out in the end…otherwise I’d still be crying! Last year I was making a very modern, very geometric quilt for my son. It had lots of bias and was difficult to put together. Once you got the quilt together you had to trim the “corners” to make it square. What a mess! I trimmed and trimmed and trimmed (way more than the pattern called for) – and I thought I’d have to cut so much off the quilt to make it square that it would wind up being a wall hanging. Amazingly, it wound up being a smidge *bigger* than the quilt pattern!! I still don’t know how that happened – reminded me of the miracle of the loaves and fishes!!

winner book Quilting isnt FunnyI will contact Denise privately to get this wrapped up. I want to thank everyone who entered this giveaway. I did read each and every comment and I loved them all! You may not have won the draw this time around, but keep a watch out for other Craft Gossip Giveaways.

Note: I used for this giveaway.


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