Quilting Isn’t Funny Blog Tour!


Thank you Megan Dougherty for giving me the best laughs I’ve had since I read a copy of The Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love by Jill Connor. Like Jill, Megan’s brand of humor is equally irreverent, only Megan’s subject is quilting not amor. Quilting may seem a dry subject. Yet, she proves in her new book, Quilting Isn’t Funny: A Collection of Threadful Humor by The Bitchy Stitcher, that the quilting lifestyle is very, very funny. Oh yes.

As part of her Quilting Isn’t Funny Blog Tour, I took to reading my review copy during my lunch hour, sitting demurely at my desk in a typical cube environment. LMAO hardly describes it, as I devoured chapter after chapter. I especially loved “A Quilter’s Survival Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” and “How to Put the Spark Back into Your Quilting”. Total snort laughing. I had to remind myself that I was at work, and I should behave like the professional person they hired. Further, I fought the urge to print off copies to share with my all-male co-workers, each and every one of them brilliant programmers. The only thing that stopped me was C-O-P-Y-R-I-G-H-T. Megan trusted me with her copyrighted material, self published in PDF and soft bound.

I have the same strong desire to share this book with all of you. And luckily, I can do it L-E-G-A-L-L-Y, because I’m part of Megan’s Quilting Isn’t Funny Blog Tour. All participants get to give away a copy of her book to one of their readers. So, stay tuned, as my giveaway will be in a separate post that will go out later today. Don’t miss any of the stops in the tour, see the schedule below:

Dec. 2 – Maddie Kertay  – Bad Ass Quilter’s Society
Dec. 3 – Sam Hunter – Hunter’s Design Studio
Dec. 4 – Carla Crim – Scientific Seamstress
Dec. 5 – Scarlett Burroughs –  That’s me!
Dec. 6 – Jill Dorsey – That Moxie Girl
Dec. 9 – Victoria Findlay Wolfe – Bumble Beans Inc
Dec. 10 – Lynn Harris – Little Red Hen
Dec. 11 – Teresa Coates – Crinkle Dreams
Dec. 12 – Joshua Helms – Molli Sparkles
Dec 13 – Liz Kettle – Stitch Journeys
Dec. 14 – Leah Day – The Free Motion Quilting Project
Dec 16 – Lisa Sipes – That Crazy Quilty Girl
Dec. 17 – Charlotte Newland – Displacement Activity
Dec. 18 – Teri Lucas – TerifiCreations
Dec. 19 – Cheryl Sloboda – Muppin.com
Dec. 20 – Kelly Biscopink – Stitchy Quilt Stuff
Jan. 6 – Generation Q
Jan. 8 – Rose Hughes – Rose Hughes – Quilt Artist
Jan. 9 – Janice Ryan – Better Off Thread
Jan. 10 – Flaun Cline – I Plead Quilty
Jan. 13 – Heather Jones – Olive and Ollie
Jan. 14 – Meg Hilko – Without A Stitch On
Jan. 15 – Laura Lochore – Quokka Quilts
Jan. 16 – Elaine Wong Hasselhun – Dashasel Sews
Jan. 17 – Kim Lapacek – Persimon Dreams

You can visit Megan on her blog, The Bitchy Stitcher, anytime. Enjoy!


  1. Virginia T in TX says

    “A Quilter’s Survival Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” and “How to Put the Spark Back into Your Quilting”. Total snort are your favorite chapters.
    My funniest thing is not having enough material for a fullsize that I wanted to make so cut for a lap size and it turned out bigger than full???

  2. says

    I know this book has got to be a hoot! I love Megan’s sense of humor and can’t wait to read it. I recently featured her on my blog …if you want a sneak peek of her quilting studio.

  3. Lynda says

    Not really funny, but once as I was on the way out the door to the first sewing guild meeting I’d attended in months–I’d missed a lot because my husband was ill–I wanted something for show-and-tell, so I grabbed a lap quilt I’d worked on months before. It was only after the quilt was being passed around the members that I realized I’d never bothered to finish off all the dangling thread ends. Nobody actually mentioned my gaffe, but from some of the expressions I saw it was clear others had noticed.


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