Tutorial: Homemade liquid laundry soap

Quilters, at some point all that pretty cotton fabric you bought from your LQS (local quilt shop) or the Goodwill will need a good washing. For years I’ve used baby shampoo to prewash my fabric, but then I ran across a tutorial for homemade laundry soap by Stephanie at My Li’l Pumpkin Patch. She says this liquid soap works in HE washers too. She explains where she got the ingredients and what it cost. Already, some of her readers have tried it and left comments on her blog post raving about how well it works. If we save on essentials like laundry soap, then we have more to spend on fabric, am I right? Go to the tutorial.

Image credit: My Li’l Pumpkin Patch


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    i have been using the homemade laundry detergent for 4 months now, an love love love it too, i also make my own fabric softner, body wash an dishwasher detergent, its great not having to buy any of this anymore, an i have so many people using these too,

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