Tute: Hand quilting with Sarah Fielke

Hand Quilting Video Sarah Fielke

Sarah Fielke of The Last Piece teamed up with Craftsy to bring you this free video on hand quilting with Perle Cotton. Using embroidery thread instead of traditional quilting thread is a patchworking trend I love. Get the video tutorial.

Image credit: The Last Piece


  1. Mary Green says

    Thanks for the reminder of how neat utility quilting is. I haven’t done it for a while now and know just where I want to start again with it. One thing I do when there is alot of hand quilting to be done: I use double the length of thread I want and do not put that beginning knot in it. Rather I start quilting in the middle and pull thru only half the thread, then use that to hand quilt however far it will go, then knot, bury and clip the thread. Then I pick up the remaining half length and handquilt in the opposite direction. Thus I eliminate making two knots. Just a thought I wanted to share with you.

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