Oh, Thank Cuteness

This is my entry in the O’ Thank Cuteness project at GenQ. I hope all you bloggers out there got to spend time today with your family and friends. After all, if not for them, why craft at all?

My daughter and twin sister. Yep, we are fraternal.

 Juniper, the cat, resting in her favorite spot. She gets the “cute” prize.

My mom. Still beautiful in her 70’s.

My wonderful friend who because she was working the day before and the day after Thanksgiving, could not travel to her home state (too far) to be with her family. So she was a most welcome part of ours today.

My sister-n-law, so happy she and my brother were both able to be with us today.


  1. Deborah Jennings says

    WOW! I want to look as good as your Mom in 10 years! I just turned 60. You mom is beautiful and so young looking.

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