Patchwork Beasts Class at Spirit Cloth

Folk artist and quilter Jude Hill from Spirit Cloth teaches an online class called Patchwork Beasts-Video series #2. She even has it on special for the holidays. Here’s what she covers:

Introduction- about my work, and the beast as a story element- pdf

Home Base Patchwork- my simple approach to pattern making -1 video lesson plus pattern sample

Pattern Blocks- simple pattern slicing technique for more complex designs. 1 video lesson and several pattern ideas.

Managing color- the color blanket approach- pdf

Hand Piecing- the slow method- 1 video lesson

Anchoring a base- managing layers- 1 video lesson

Free Form Patchwork- the collage method- 1 video lesson

Building a character- the story element- 1 video lesson

Faces- ideas- pdf

Applique- my personal approach to ragged and turned technique- 6 video lessons

Back Stitch Revisited- 3 videos

Wrap and Outline- embellishment stitch- 1 video lesson

Continuing- where to go from here…. 2 video lessons

Sounds wonderful. Go HERE to learn more.

Image credit: Spirit Cloth


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