Jake recalls her first quilt

Jake from Generation Q Magazine shows us lots of photos of the first quilt she made, a king size monster she calls The Beast. She admits it has issues due to her lack of experience, but explains its significance in her quilting life. Oh, and never mind her husband tried to throw it away. Good save Jake! Go HERE to read more. You’ll be glad you did.

Image credit: Generation Q Magazine


  1. says

    Jake, my first quilt was not as ambitious as yours, it was a twin bed quilt for my daughter, who was about 3 at the time. It was a one-patch, 1000 Pyramids in burgundy, pink and blue calico’s.

    It’s coming apart in some of the seams, need to fix it. My daughter still has it in her home. When I’m there, I sleep under it. It’s soft and snuggly.

    I’d love to hear others firsts.

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