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Cash on Couch

Cash on Couch photograph by Char

You design it, Karma Kraft prints it. Both Crafting a Green World and True Up are talking about it. I liked the idea of On Demand Fabric Printing so much so I decided to try it. After all, Karma Kraft’s Web site says you can do this in 3 easy steps. Here are the steps I took.

Step One: From the Karma Kraft home page, I clicked Get StartedEasy Order Now. I uploaded my design – a photo of Cash, shown. 

Step Two: I selected my fabric type and weight. I chose Cotton > Medium Weight.

Images from Karma Kraft

Image from Karma Kraft

Yes, I’m okay with viewing both secure and non-secure information. With every single click I got a pop-up that I had to close out. I do not encounter this on any other sites I visit, so this was frustrating.

Step Three: Repeat Pattern default is Center. I experimented with Repeat by selecting it from the drop-down list. This change took a long time to load and once loaded, my page locked up/frozen until I closed out of every browser window and started over. I then tried Half-step and Half-brick – those loaded a bit faster. By the way, I do have a high speed Internet connection. Last on the list is Mirror. And wow, I loved it. I selected Mirror Pattern, shown here.  

Image from Kraft Karma

Image from Karma Kraft

 Step Four: Next, I had to choose my Colors. Since the terminology was unfamiliar to me I read through her excellent explanation after which, I decided to go with OPTION 4: Sherwin-Williams Color Guide. There is no link from her site to their color guide so I opened another window to go there and began my search by Color Family.

I chose the following colors and put them in my order box field.

Gold=Sherwin-Williams Color, 6689 “Overjoy”
Violet=Sherwin-Williams Color, 6286 “Mature Grape”
Black=Sherwin-Williams Color, 6258 “Tricorn Black”
Gold=Sherwin-Williams Color, 6402 “Antiquity”

Step Five: I made the Repeat Size 1″ x 1″.

Step Six: Instead of ordering yardage, I opted for a 12″ x 12″  swatch. I wanted to be sure I liked my color choices plus the cost for a swatch was only $5.

At this point, they offer to make your fabric into products. Choices include cushion covers, table cloth, pet bed, scarf, and grocery bag. I skipped this.

Step Seven: I entered my mailing address in the form. Then, just before I entered payment information, I noticed an edit order link. I decide to revisit my Repeat size, and in the process of changing it, I got a timeout error, and lost all my order details.

Once printing $11 and shipping $11 costs were added, I was going to plunk down $27 for a 12′ x 12″ swatch of fabric. This time I did not return to the Web site since I had already spent well over an hour in creating my own fabric design. Hopefully, this slowness issue will be corrected because I do plan a return visit. I’ll have my colors picked out beforehand.

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