Book: ‘Everyone Can Quilt’ by Kaye Wood

Kaye in her intro to Everyone Can Quilt with Kaye Wood: 100+ Tips, Techniques, Templates & Projects divides quilters into two camps, the pointed and the pointless. According to Amazon, the first sentence of the book is,

I used to think I could teach anyone to match points, but my life won’t be long enough, and some of you are not even trying!

Must be talking about the pointless quilters. Funny. Through November 7, 2011 you can get her book for $15.00 USD, list price $22.99 only at Kaye Wood.


  1. says

    I think Kaye’s word choice to describe a certain camp of quilters is unfortunate. Pointless obviously has negative connotations. I know its meant in fun, but still.

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