SNURK doing urban chic bedding and pillows

Many crafts people I’ve met in the blogosphere have started out selling their wares (quilts, crochet throws, pillows, and purses, for instance) then find it more profitable to sell the patterns for said objects. That’s just being smart since there is really no recouping the real time spent on hand or even machine work.

Now, there’s a company called SNURK (Dutch for snore), owned by a husband and wife team, who are selling blown up photos of fiber art printed on nice cottons turned into bedding and pillows. Brilliant! Now, why didn’t I think of that? Shown above, Granny White bedding. Scroll down to see the crochet squares and the ladies who made them.

A big thank you goes to Janel Laban at Apartment Therapy for introducing me to SNURK. Here’s a link to her post where she gets to chat with Erik, one of the SNURK business partners, in his booth at Woonbeurs Amsterdam.

Image credit: SNURK


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    Anna, thanks so much for pointing this out. I corrected my post. Now if there are others out there like me who need a lesson in the difference between Danish and Dutch, here’s a link I found.

    Hopefully will not make the same mistake again!

    Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

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