Franklin music festival | Meeting the Wuests

Anywhere quilters go, we have our eyes tuned in to see quilts, right? As I roamed around Franklin Square enjoying the sounds of the Bluegrass Along the Harpeth Fiddlers Jamboree, I spied the back of a pretty quilt top blowing in the breeze. It looked like stained glass the way the light hit it. Naturally, I wanted a closer look, so ambled up to the vendor booth – the quilt was their backdrop. To my delight, the quilt maker was there, Jadrienne Wuest on the left. Alongside her stands Annie Wuest of AnnieMae Design.

Of their business Annie said,

We specialize in wedding apparel, time period clothing, purses, etc……(basically anything people ask us to do!)

Annie also teaches sewing and quilting classes. From her Summer Sewing Camps brochure, take a look at the offerings.

For 8 – 13 year olds – Date with Daddy where your finished product is a tea gown and a tea with daddy on the last day of camp and Me and My Doll where you make matching sun dresses.

For ages 13 and up – Quilting 101 yields the camper a basic quilt blanket. Southern Belle gets you an 1860’s antebellum day dress and a dance at the end. Purses, Jane Austen Regency, and in progress now Renaissance Dress.

If you live close enough to take a class (middle Tennessee) or will be in the area, you can get their fall class schedule by emailing Annie here: anniessewingclasses{at}gmail{dot}com.

Here’s a full view of the quilt, a photo Hannah sent me.

This is from the clogging contest. All the contestants were fun to watch and at the end they were blowing it out. Thanks goes to both Wuests for the nice chat and for allowing me to take a photo of them toward the end of a very hot summer day.

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