Folding, sorting key to usable sewing space

Sandi from Piecemeal Quilts is a guest blogger at Within a Quarter Inch where she explains how she organizes her stash (aka fabric) so she can find things. She walks you through her method of folding different sizes of fabric from fat quarters to yardage.

Besides folding, she discusses what she does with scraps. She said,

What I call a scrap, you might call yardage and someone else might call garbage. I’ve tried to cut back on keeping really small pieces, but I do save pieces as small as 2? x 4?. That size comes in handy when paper pieces or experimenting with new blocks or techniques. I store my scraps, sometimes strips and rectangles, sometimes odd shaped pieces, in plastic shoe boxes. They’re sorted by color to make it a little easier to find things.

What is the smallest size of fabric you keep and call a scrap? I’d love to know. Go HERE to read the full post.

Image credit: Within a Quarter Inch

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