Whirligig with primary, secondary and tertiary effect

I’m a huge fan of the whirligig pattern; such movement it gives a quilt. I also get a kick out of finding secondary designs in patterns. For non-quilters, the main whirligig block is in blue. Keep looking and you’ll see a white whirligig block. Keep looking and check out the third whirligig in yellow. This serendipitous or planned design element is one of the things that got me hooked on quilting. You can buy this at Kat & Cat Quilts by MorganMT on Etsy. Listed as Double Whirligig quilt pattern PDF, toddler bed or throw quilt.

Image credit: Kat & Cat Quilts by MorganMT

Ed. note: MorganMT did not ask for a mention or compensate this post in any way.

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