Tip: Shop chains for deals on quilting supplies

If you are new to quilting you will find out sooner or later that the best place to buy and save on supplies is at one of the large chains such as Jo Ann Fabric. Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts shared on her blog how she saved $92.00 on batting last weekend at Jo Ann fabric in Charlotte (US city). Click HERE to read her full post.

I try to shop small and local when possible especially on fabric since it is better quality from a LQS (local quilt shop). See my previous post on fabric quality. However, when it comes to things like needles and thread, batting (or wadding as some call it) I always buy from a chain that offers coupons.

When a sewing friend first told me about coupons and regular discounts at these large stores, I was beside myself. What I save on supplies goes to more fabric from my LQS. Win, win!

Image credit: Jo Ann Fabric

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