Tip: Organize handwork to increase stitching time

State Line Bag Company sent several Craft Gossip editors a stack of 100% cotton muslin bags to have a crafty-y go with them. Excited to get started, we sorted them by size and divvied them up. I took three 10 x 12 inch bags. You can see them peeking out from underneath my sprawled out embroidery kit. I will do a post on each bag after I assign it a purpose. As you may have guessed, the first bag is going to hold one of my handwork projects.

Bag One: Handwork Grab and Go

This size bag is perfect for keeping all the parts of a project gathered up – be it English paper piecing hexagons, creating applique onto a base, or hand stitching a quilt block. I just happened to have this embroidery kit on hand; it was part of the swag from the last Craft Gossip Blogger’s Fork and Talk.

Here’s what I did to the muslin bag to make it serve my craft-y purposes.

I took this bedding package (I save hoard these) and cut around the plastic sleeve holding the pink insert.

I centered my harvested plastic pocket onto the muslin bag and hand sewed a bit of lace ribbon around the edges.

I slipped the embroidery kit packaging into the pocket and put all the project items inside. Done! It’s now hanging on my accordion peg rack, waiting for me to grab it and go.

Tip: Keeping projects organized makes it much more likely you’ll work some stitching into your daily routine.

Coming soon!

State Line Bag Company has something for you too. They have agreed to give away 100 cotton muslin bags (all of them 6×8 inch) to one lucky Craft Gossip reader.

Stay tuned for giveaway information, it’s coming soon.

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    I’m Barbara Moore and I’m a craft/art supply/useful item hoarder. lol I too hoard those needful things that you don’t need right now. Love what you did with the bag Scarlett!!


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