That’ll do HearthSong: Portable light box

Carolyn the Crafter bought this portable light table from HearthSong, not as an accessory for the Fashion Design Studio Kit, but for her quilting projects. She had this to say about the Light Tracer.

I was looking for a good quality inexpensive light box for my quilting and needle work projects and, based on past experience with other products, I knew I could count on Hearth Song to have what I needed. I got exactly what I wanted; and the light box is perfect – portable, easy to use, right size. It makes the tedious job of copying and transferring patterns almost fun.

Good on Carolyn for sharing this alternate use of a product designed for kids. Go to Light Tracer for further product details.


  1. Kelly W says

    I made my own light box from a pane of clear glass (out of an old frame), 4 wooden sewing spools glued to each corner, and a stick on light (like you might put in a closet) underneath. Didnt spend a dime since I had all the supplies at home already. Not portable, but works just as well.

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