Sewn vests for diabetic dogs | Monkey Beans

I realize this is not patchwork, but please bear with me. I’m blogging while watching the 9/11 Memorial on television – they are on the ‘G’ names. I’ve already teared up several times listening to those who lost a family member announce the names of victims and at the end, talk about the person(s) they lost that day. Some are making paper rubbings on the engraved name of their loved one. It got me to thinking about my father, who died way too young of complications from Type l Diabetes. I miss him every day.

Cruising my Google reader up pops a post by Meg at Monkey Beans. She’s a quilter and member of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. She has a friend whose daughter has Type l (Juvenile Diabetes). She received a service dog trained to recognize high and low blood sugar and to alert the diabetic. The daughter’s dog and three others needed vests to wear while on the job. Meg made all three. Aren’t they fabulous? Click HERE to visit her post Gratifying.

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