Quilter puts FriXion pen on notice

frozen quilt brings back red lines

This is what happened when Lee of Freshly Pieced put her washed and dried quilt in her freezer for 30 minutes. Bizarre behavior but necessary to test her red FriXion pen. Of the red marks reappearing she said,

I’m keeping my FriXion pen around, but I’m giving it the serious side-eye. You’re on notice, FriXion. Be on your best behavior from here on out.

Love that phrase, serious side-eye. Go HERE to get the rest of the story .

Image credit: Freshly Pieced


  1. says

    you do have to wonder though, why on earth you’d have cause to put a quilt/embroidery project in the freezer. I had heard about this side effect of the Frixon pen, but not living in the North Pole, I can’t see it matters!

  2. Lish says

    That’s what these pens do…….. heat makes them disappear…. cold makes it reappear…. somewhere on the paper that came with the pen it states that the ink does not wash out………

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