Puppies or kitties – embroidery patterns

A good friend said just the other day, “You’re either a cat or dog person, never both.” What do you think dear readers?

I place myself firmly in the cat person category. This adorable embroidery pattern Cats, just out today over at Shiny Happy World, is a must have. Wendi Gratz so gets cats with these. Go to her blog post where she introduces her kitties.

But what does it mean that Wendi posted the puppies embroidery pattern first? Is she a dog person?

No matter. These Dogs are so durn cute too. Go to her blog post where she introduces these puppies.

Ed. note: Wendi Gratz did not ask for a mention or compensate this post in any way.


  1. Janice says

    I grew up in a house where we always had dogs and I loved each of them dearly, but always in my heart was the strong desire for kitties. When we married our first apartment didn’t allow pets, but as soon as we could my husband and I went to the local SPCA and were adopted by two adorable kittens. Many cat friends have passed in our lives and we now have a beautiful, very large black cat and a mini schnauzer. The truth is that I love most animals, but my first love is cats.

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