Newsy: Quilt Index expands and upgrades

Quilt IndexAmy E. Milne, Executive Director of
The Alliance for American Quilts organization has some great news for quilters and quilt history buffs. They have added 10 projects and have upgraded their website to include zoom and comparison tools, saying,

The zoom tool allows users to move in close to a quilt’s surface and study stitching, embellishment and fabric texture. The compare feature allows users to select images and basic data for
multiple quilts to display side by side, enabling easy evaluation
(e.g. similar patterns from different collections, geographic locations or time periods). 

Go here to read the full press release.
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  1. Jordan says

    I love all of the quilt art that is shown on this site. Thank you to everyone for sharing this with the world and showing us the amazing talents that you all have.

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