Newsy: QSMASBC 2013 calendar is out!

The 2013 Quilter’s Shirtless Man & Spicy Burrito calendar is out and I cannot wait to get my hands on one – the calendar not the man! No joke, these guys on the cover are hot! We owe a big thank you to Megan Dougherty of The Bitchy Stitcher who came up with the calendar idea first as a joke and then to help her brother with medical bills. Here’s the product description:

Real Men. Real quilts. Real burritos. And a fundraiser for my brother, who is fighting brain cancer.

Her September 6th post is heart wrenching, read it here. Even without the fundraising aspect you need one of these, well, one for your hot little hands and the other for your hot little quilting friend’s hands. Go order one or two now! Available here.

Image credit: Lulu

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