Name your favorite “art” teacher and free printable

It’s back to school in many parts of the world. For me, this time of year brings back memories of all the teachers I’ve had and loved. That’s why a post by Sandy of Waiting for the Muse grabbed my attention. She announced she’s stepping down as a traveling quilt teacher. Saying her emphasis is on teaching art, not technique, got me to thinking. I’ve benefited the most – in the long run – from teachers who share her approach to teaching. I wonder if this is the same with other students. Read Sandy’s entire post here.

The teacher I want to nominate is Marie, who taught at The Stitchin’ Post. I took her class on the problem project, where you brought in an unfinished quilt. I learned some principles of design that day that helped me finish the WIP I had given up on. Marie later opened up her own quilt shop and when I visited, she taught me color theory – informally. I was very sad she and her husband decided to retire, and closed the shop after only a few years of operation.

Do you have a favorite sewing or quilting teacher? If so, I’d love to hear who they are and where they taught in the comments.

Visit Classroom Freebies Too to get the free teacher appreciation mini-posters, shown in this post. Michelle of Making It As A Middle School Teacher is the creator.

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