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As if I don’t already spend enough time on Pinterest, I’ve discovered a new browsing destination today. Must share. It’s a barter website called Listia. Here’s how it works – true story. My daughter’s bestie had a bottle of expensive perfume she had received as a gift but had never used or opened. She listed it on Listia (bidding starts at between 1 and 100) and her auction was successful – meaning she got lots of points, more than expected. She then bid and won a set of used cloth diapers paid for by those auction credits. She plans to refurbish them and give to a friend who wants to cloth diaper but simply cannot afford the start-up costs. She described the experience as a total score.

Just like cloth diapering, getting started in quilting can be expensive. I’m getting on my soapbox here, but if you want to quilt, don’t let a lack of money keep you timidly on the sidelines. I do not own a fancy machine. It’s a mechanical Bernina I bought from a local fabric shop who refurbished them. I paid $200. A new mechanical Bernina costs $800+. I love this machine and it works just fine for my purposes. If you decide to take up “slow” sewing (piecing and quilting by hand) you don’t even need a machine.

All that said, you still need some things – fabric, needles, thread, cutting mat, cutters, scissors, rulers, the list goes on. I had a thought (it happens). Listia might help wanna be quilters get started in this craft with a minimal outlay of cash. Veteran quilters who are thrifty-minded or going through hard economic times might benefit too.

So yes, I joined Listia today. I searched on the word “quilt” and it brought back 119 results. My favorite find tonight is this Mug Rug Set by SarahsQuiltsnCrafts, shown. Her auction ends tomorrow.

If you get a hankering to join follow this link to sign up.

Ed. note 1: In the interest of full disclosure, the Listia link I provided above is my referral link, so feel free not to use it, but if you do, win/win. Wink.

Ed. note 2: SarahsQuiltsnCrafts did not ask for a mention or compensate this post in any way.
Image credit: SarahsQuiltsnCrafts at Listia


  1. Trayne says

    I would love to see how they are made… think they are nice… BUT really am tired of signing up and signing in for any and everything on the internet….

  2. says

    I hear you Trayne. When Bed Bath and Beyond asks for my phone number I say, 999-999-9999. You don’t really miss anything by not signing up for Listia, the seller does not explain how she made it and from what I understand, when you follow the link in my post, you’ll see a photo of the item even if you are not a member. So it’s okay! Warmly, Scarlett

  3. Nancy G says

    I joined Listia in November and love it. I’ve “sold” so many things that I didn’t use and have won fabric and gift cards with the credits that I earned.

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