Move over womenfolk…Men Quilt Too!

The Men Quilt Too! quilt show is in progress over at Pigtales and Quilts. So far, 21 male quilters have linked up. If you are a male quilter and are thinking of joining the fun, you have until October 15 for the non-competitive part of the show. So don’t be shy. Now ladies, go to the Quilt Show and check these guys out – you’ll see some amazing talent. And if you leave a comment during the show you are eligible for door prizes – daily for that day’s commenters only.

Now lets ramp things up. Go on over to the Competition Album. Wow. Enjoy. Vote.

Image credit: Pigtales and Quilts


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    So nice to see men involved in things that women are involved in also. I know I crochet and so does my husband. He got me started!

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