Meet Volksfaden the “people’s thread”

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Robert Kaufman_VolksfadenJapanese Prints_VolksfadenI have the best time browsing the Volksfaden Online shop not only because they carry great fabric, but for the artful way they display it. They use some of the fabric from within a category for the navigation button. Shown here is the Kaffe Fassett button and three others. Go here to see all of them, 30 total. Shop owner Linda Gaylord says this about why she started Volksfaden.

A few years back I rediscovered sewing and quilting as an outlet for personal artistic expression. I also began to take notice of some very exciting changes in quilting fabric design and a whole crafting renaissance. There are some really hot designers out there, who in turn, are being nurtured and encouraged by a very discerning, receptive, and creative community in the incredible arts and crafts movement of today. I wanted to make these contemporary quilting fabrics more accessible for those of us living on this side of the pond, so the idea of Volksfaden ( literally translated as the “people’s threads”) was born. 

Read her entire profile here. Visit Volksfaden main page here.

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