Meet Marybeth, a quilter and PhD

Must share. Whilst cruising the Internet I stumbled upon this article, Women, Quilting, and Cultural Production: The Preservation of Self in Everyday Life by Dr. Marybeth C. Stalp. Curious, I did a Google search on the author’s name and found out she’s a faculty member at the University of Northern Iowa. She’s also the author of the book shown, Quilting: The Fabric of Everyday Life.

Best of all, I discovered she’s an Alliance for American Quilts board member. One of her essays appears there, In the Shadow of the Quilt: Political Messaging in Quilts. Get it here.

She’s also a quilter. Go HERE to see her interview at Aging Horizons Bulletin. You’ll get to see her and one of her quilts.

Image credit: Powell’s Books

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