Karen Nyberg’s quilt block

StarBlockMadeInSpace_KarenNybergAstronaut and quilter, Karen Nyberg, is holding a quilt block she made in space. In this video, she invites all quilters who are attending this year’s International Quilt Festival in Houston to enter the Astronomical Quilts Block Challenge. From the guidelines:

While on board the International Space Station, Nyberg created a star-themed quilt block that will be returning to earth with her. Her block will be combined with other
blocks submitted by International Quilt Festival aendees to create a quilt that will be displayed at our 40th-anniversary show next fall 2014 in Houston. What an out-of-this-world way to celebrate!

Go see Karen Nyberg’s Quilt Festival Video and be sure to watch it to the end; she’s adorable!

Thanks goes to Pat Sloan, who brought this to my attention in her post, Pat Sloan: Scrap Happy Scrap Buster. Don’t miss Pat’s interview with Karen back in January.

Image credit: Quilt Festival Videos

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