Joel’s drawing gets the embroidery treatment

Wendi from Shiny Happy World guest blogs at Made by Joel with a tutorial showing how to stitch up one of his line drawings. She gives you design transfer tips and then provides links to four common embroidery stitch how-to videos. To top it off, she talks about the process (did she take the pledge?) on how she chooses what areas to embroider and which stitches to use. Get the tutorial.


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    Thanks so much for featuring my guest post over at Made By Joel. But now I’m curious. . . what is this pledge you mentioned? About process? I haven’t taken it, but I love reading about process so I’m intrigued. . .

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    Hi Wendi!

    In a nutshell, we bloggers have a tendency to show and talk only about our final product, instead of showing all the twists and turns and often ugliness of the journey to get there. Listen, if you could see some of my “process” sewing you’d fall on the floor laughing…it’s that bad. :-)

    Here’s a link to information on The Process Pledge:
    I see that 659 bloggers have signed up for this. You should join!

    I think I have my next blog topic!

    Have a great day,

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