I’m going to QuiltCon + my 5 things list

I’m so excited, ’cause I get to go to QuiltCon – the first conference of The Modern Quilt Guild. But it gets better, I’ll be making the trip to Austin with Anne Weaver, the Sewing Editor at Craft Gossip who talks about it here. The Modern Quilt Guild blog is hosting a link party as an ice breaker before the event. Such a great idea. Participants are to share five things people may not know about them along with a recent photo.

I had a friend snap this photo of me today in the front yard. I love scarves!

QuiltCon Photo 1 Cropped

Here are five things you probably do not know about me:

1.  I’m a fraternal twin. Her name is Charlotte. When I’m first introduced to people, they often call me that. The reverse does not happen to her. Not sure why, perhaps Charlotte is just phonetically easier to say than Scarlett. A long time ago, my husband at the time (since divorced) said during a private moment, “I love you Charlotte.” So, don’t call me Charlotte (like Don’t Call Me Betsy), but if you do, you cannot mess up to that degree.

2.  I’m 5 foot tall on a good day. Was a gymnast in high school – many moons ago. Couldn’t tell that now.

3.  Once at work, I donated a quilted wall-hanging to be raffled to raise funds for a woman on my team who had unexpected medical bills after the birth of her son. It had a wide Chartreuse border out of proportion to the four center blocks done in a crazy quilt style. It read HOT, with a touch of COOL blue. One day an employee (a quilter) who didn’t know I was the maker confided to me it was the ugliest quilt she had ever seen. Ouch! Nowadays with all the brights, this quilt would not be surprising.

4.  I”m a Delta girl. The Mississippi river bottoms kind where my mom says all you have to do is throw some seeds on the ground to grow something. Rich soil and wetlands. Speaking of wetlands, my family owned a duck camp where if it rained a bit too much, you had to “boat in”. The duck blind itself was in the middle of a bayou. Think remote…a true wilderness area.

One day, my grandpa and his friends were getting ready to head out to the duck blind to hunt. There was a faint knock on the door. Opening it, there stood a man (in his hunting gear including rubber waders) who was so cold and soaked through he couldn’t speak. They pulled him inside and made him sit by the fire. When he could manage it, he said he had gotten lost in the woods and followed the smell of their breakfast. Had he not found them, he’s sure he would have died of hypothermia. He and my grandpa became life long friends.

5.  My grown daughter and I have an ongoing contest to see who can find the best deal on clothing and household goods. We’re thrifty that way.


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