Giveaway 1: Sew Sassy Buttons – Pick four

Lookie what I got in the mail! More Sew Sassy Buttons from Sam of Hunter’s Design Studio. Since she gave me a whole slew of ’em, I’m going to host a giveaway. Leave a comment on this post telling me which four (from the first photo) you would love to wear on your lapel. That’s all you have to do to get a chance to win all four of your picks!

Due to shipping costs this giveaway is for US entries only.

Contest ends October 7, 2012 10 PM CST.

Now, I am going to show you the one button I’m keeping for myself. “Queen of the UFOs” is so fitting! Don’t even ask me how many quilts I owe people. It’s embarrassing. If you must have this one you can buy it in a set of buttons at Hunter’s Design Studio at Big Cartel.


  1. Angie says

    They are all adorable! I like Stay Creative, Sharpest Tool in the…, Sew There, and The Ultimate Power Tool.

  2. becky derry says

    I am a run with scissors type of girl.Been in trouble more than once because of it.Thanks for the give away chance.Becky

  3. lyn lewis says

    How Wonderful!!
    Material Witness, Stitchy Woman, Runs with Scissors and Stay creative ……..PLease!!!!

  4. lyn lewis says

    How Wonderful!!
    Material Witness, Stitchy Woman, Runs with Scissors and Stay creative ……..PLease!!!!
    I will gladly refund postage lol

  5. Dee Blucher says

    Favorites… hmmm that’s hard to do… love them all… ok if I must…
    1.Sew There
    2.Material witness
    3.Stay Creative
    4. Don’t Needle Me

  6. Darlene says

    I love them all but would like “you rip what you sew” and “stay creative”
    They are wonderful!

  7. says

    It’s hard to pick just 4 buttons! My faves are: the ultimate power tool; sharpest tool in the ___________; material witness and sew there.
    I would make magnets out of these buttons and put them on my magnetic board in my sewing room.
    So cute.

  8. Mary Ellen Griffo says

    Love them. I would like the sewing machine;It rhymes with stitch;you rip what you sew; and don’t needle me. I would share them with my foursome crafting group. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Lori Morton says

    I pick Stay Creative, The Ultimate Power Tool, Sew There, and Don’t Needle Me! These are Awesome pins! Goin’ over to Hunter’s studio next! LOL Waaaay fun pins!!

    Thanks for chance to win some! :)

  10. says

    Button Favorites: Stay Creative, You rip what you sew, Sew there!, and stitchy woman.
    They’re all “Sew Cute”!

  11. Lori says

    All the buttons are wonderful but my four faves: material witness; sharpest tool in the …; don’t needle me!; and sew there!

  12. Mimi says

    Love these!!! Rhymes with Stitch, Runswith Scissors, Material Witness, and You Rip what you Sew

  13. Marlene says

    My four picks are Stitchy Woman, Stay Creative, Runs With Scissors and Material Witness. They all great Thank you

  14. Joann Drye says

    Runs with sissors, you rip what you sew,Material witness , Sew There!

    Wonderful! love em…

  15. Karey says

    Super cute! My favs are “Sew There”, “Stay Creative”, “Rhymes with Stitch”, “You Rip What you Sew”

  16. Carla says

    Super cute! I just love pins :) I like “You rip what you sew”, “Runs with scissors”, “Material witness”, and “Sharpest tool in the…” the best. But I like them all, really.

  17. Anne in NC says

    I like The Ultimate Power Tool; Don’t Needle Me; Material Witness; and Sew There. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  18. Teresa from Florence, Alabama says

    I like Material Witness, Stitchy Woman, Don’t Needle Me, and Rhymes with Stitch.

  19. Chantel says

    I like Stitchy Woman, 1/4 inch Schmarter inch, Material Witness, and You Rip What You Sew!

  20. Kim Graham says

    Don’t Needle Me,sew there,material witness, and rhymes with stitch. These are great!!! Never won anything before so this would be a first!

  21. Pat V. says

    Oh, these are so cute! Runs with scissors (sad but true), stitchy woman, material witness and don’t needle me. Thanks for a unique giveaway!

  22. Helen K-J says

    Love, love, LOVE these! Especially Rhymes with Stitch, Runs with Scissors, Sharpest Tool in the __, and You Rip What You Sew.

  23. Julie Gerush says

    Hi. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! My favorites are Material Witness, Rhymes with Stitch, Runs with Scissors and Stay Creative

  24. says

    Perfect little buttons! My favourites are:
    -Stitchy Woman
    -Runs with Scissors
    -The Ultimate Power Tool
    -Stay Creative
    And I am in Canada however I would have them shipped to my sister in the U.S. :)
    Thank You for the chance to win!

  25. briana says

    Sew there
    rhymes with stitch
    ultimate power tool
    Runs with scissors

    Thanks for the give away! Hope I win it

  26. Christine says

    I teach elementary school kids how to quilt so I know “The Ultimate Power Tool” and “Sharpest Tool In The…” would go over great with the boys! I also like “Sew There” and “Stay Creative”. Thanks!

  27. says

    You rip what you sew (b/c I do all of the time)
    Material Witness
    Rhymes with stitch
    The ultimate Power tool

    Thank you

  28. Teresa Babcock says

    The ultimate power tool
    Runs with scissors
    Stitchy woman
    You rip what you sew

    PS I just bought two of these buttons this week for my friends – stocking stuffers!

  29. Anne Marie says

    What Fun! I like The Ultimate Power Tool, Stitchy Woman, Sew There & Runs With Scissors.

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