CG giveaway: Quilter’s Home magazine

To celebrate National Craft Month I am giving away a Gift Subscription (one year 6 issues) to Quilter’s Home magazine. To enter this contest, leave a comment on this post and tell me something about your creative lifestyle that makes you different from your non crafty neighbors. An example might be you need a section in your will for your fabric stash or you dumpster dive for shiny objects to embellish your quilts. No behavior is too extreme for a dedicated quilter. Contest ends March 7, 2011. United States and Canada only.

Editor’s Note: Winners have 24 hours after the announcement to claim their prize, after which it’s back to to generate a new name.


  1. Suzanne B says

    I am pretty sure I am the only one in my neighborhood that has a fabric hoarding problem. My husband thinks I am mental when he wants to throw out a shirt and I have to take all of the buttons off and cut it into usable fabric pieces. Little do my relatives know they are getting gifts make out of my husbands old shirts. LOL

  2. Emily C says

    my family likes to tease me about being a hoarder because i collect tidbits most people would throw away. old shirts, buttons, lace, and ribbons, felt, etc. almost nothing is too small to keep. we get into arguments sometimes =\ my mother in law is a super cleany with a throw-it-out-if-it’s-not-used-with-2-months complex =(

  3. Jill Hubbard says

    If you could see my fabric stash..I would love this magazine. i am the only person of all my friends and family that knows how to sew!

  4. Karol B. says

    I have 30 gallon storage containers of fabrics for quilting. in my attached Garage in my guest bedroom and any closets I can fit them in. I would love to get this magazine. to check it out for free. I think I will know if I want to continue to subscribe with a year subscription.

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