Free pattern: Bejeweled tree skirt

Image from P&B Textiles

Image from P&B Textiles

Another great find at P&B Textiles –  this Christmas tree skirt showcases Susie M. Robbins’ Metallic Accent fabric collection. Go here to download.

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  1. Cyndi LaRue says

    I was already a big fan but this one ROCKS! I have been trying to decide on a new project. Thank you for finding this! I will be making one for each of my grown children for Christmas.

  2. Barbara Hoover says

    I was so excited to have this pattern. BUT, when I was trying to make the templates, I decided I needed to be a mathmatical genius to figure out the dimensions for the templates. I converted the 8″ A template to the required 14″, measured the angle to get the other sides, guessed where the B sides joined, eyed the curve, proceeded to try the G piece with the same method, but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to do the rest. Sorry! ~Barbara Hoover (experienced quilter)

  3. Hilary says

    Started cutting out the fabric and doubted that the pieces would fit together correctly. I traced the pieces inside the seam allowance and low and behold they don’t fit together. Anyone else have this problem? Has anyone done this project successfully?

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