Free pattern: 10 Minute Table Runner

Marge at Delaware Quilts planned to sew today, but got distracted doing laundry. She wondered if she might be able to whip out some 10 minute table runners. Visit her blog and follow her link to get the pattern. Designed by LaRae Bunnell Clark. Quilters, this would be a good way to use up orphan blocks.

Image credit: Sweet Home Quilt Co

Ed. note 11/20/2012: The link Marge first sent everyone to will no longer take you to the free pattern, Sweet Home Quilt Co took it down. You can get the new link in the comments below where I responded to Beck. Marge of Delaware Quilts has graciously shared the pattern on her blog here. Incidentally, she does gives the author full credit for her work. I’ve also updated the link in the body of this post.


  1. Jan Kilian says

    Nice pattern and I was interested in getting the free pattern as you showed. I cannot seem to locate it on this site ?


  2. Joanne Dixon says

    Is it just me but I see no sizes to cut the pieces. What am I missing. Just says

  3. says

    Hi Joanne,
    From what I can tell, she says you need to cut two pieces. The first is either 10″ or 12″ inches x 45″ or whatever the width of fabric (WOF). This piece will be your theme or focal fabric.
    The second is 18″ x 45″ or WOF.

    Let me know if this helps.

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