Free block pattern: Baby elephant

Image from Eileen's Attic

Image from Eileen's Attic

Eileen of Eileen’s Attic blog made this adorable baby quilt top of elephants holding a flower with their trunks. So cute.

The block is an original design from Milk and Honey Quilts. Get the free block here.


  1. Ros says

    Elephant block. Have stumbled at the first hurdle. Tried to piece I onto H. But I is 2.5 inches and the rectangle H is only 4.5. I can’t make them fit. Clearly I dont understand the principle behind this. Also when it says trim seam, is the left hand corner two material pieces thick or does H get trimmed right back as well?

    If someoe could explain this I can get stuck in. I am a good seamstress but a novice quilter – but I thought they would all fit together easy peasy. Help!!!!!!!

  2. Linda says

    this is a way of making triangles without having to cut the triangle. lay I at the lefter corner of H. sew your seam from the corner to corner of I starting with the bottom left of I and sewing to the top right corner of I. then you trim both I and H at a 1/4 inch and press seam. It should only be one layer. then lay another I square over the right end of H. this time sewing corner to corner of I square from the top left corner to the bottm right ocrner. this makes the triangle of the elephant head. /\ then trim this one and press the I back open. I hope this helps.

  3. Cloey says

    Loved loved loved this little quilt. Enjoyed piecing it and the entire process. I am new to quilting and this was a nice challenge. I will make it again. Thanks for being so generous to share this cute idea.

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