Cheap fabric in Wildfield Quilt disappoints

This image has 1529 repins on Pinterest, so I clicked through to learn this is Anthropologie’s Wildfield Quilt. Like most items in their store, it’s pricey, yet desirable. I noticed the reviews have been overwhelmingly bad, with people saying it’s beautiful (I agree) but after a few weeks the seams start coming apart. One reviewer added,

So not only are the seams weak, the fabric is like tissue paper and will not with stand regular use (nightly sleeping, lying on top to watch a movie). I think it would work for a guest bed but not for everyday use.

It’s amazing that the design element outweighs practical considerations for this buyer. She would still put it in a guest room! All this to say, new and experienced quilters, buy the best fabric you can afford. We spend many hours on our quilts. Cheap fabric will yield disappointing results, such as these buyers experienced at Anthropologie. Go to the listing to see more.

Image credit: Pinterest


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    I have not been very impressed with any of Anthropologie’s fabrics/products. Sad that folks spent so much to get a cheap product.

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