Call for entries: SAQA Urban Textures

SAQA logoRead on if you are interested in becoming a fabric designer and have a heart for doing good. From today’s eQuilter newsletter by Luana Rubin:

One of the best things about my “job” is that I have the opportunity to help others. In addition to our fundraising through our charity program (2% of sales go to charity – over $1 million raised so far!) we also support several quilt shows through sponsorship and prize money.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed supporting SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) by sponsoring their shows, and doing video reviews of many of their exhibits in the US, UK and Australia. 

Last year I was very honored to be asked to join their President’s Advisory Committee, which means I’ve had several brainstorming sessions on how to help the organization grow.

Awhile ago I was approached by SAQA board members about doing a fundraiser fabric collection. After much brainstorming, we came up with the idea that I would curate and merchandise a line based on the winning artwork submitted by SAQA artists.

So I am happy to announce that SAQA is partnering with Andover Fabrics, and we have put out a Call for Entries. The winning artists will have their name on the selvedge and of course in the collection’s marketing, and will be participating in what is hopefully a longterm source of income for SAQA – and then all of the members will benefit! (The copyright will belong to SAQA, and the royalties will also go directly to SAQA.)

For an artist who wants to get their foot in the door of the world of commercial textile production, this could be a great opportunity. For SAQA, it is a chance to promote their organization and the winning artists, and hopefully attract new members.

In case you are wondering, no I am not making a penny from this effort. I am excited about working with a group of aspiring designers, and taking them through the process of making a collection. 

I have watched SAQA grow and spread around the world, and I hope that we’ll see entries from several countries. My sincere thanks to Andover Fabrics, and all the artists and designers who will join me in donating their time and talent to this project, to support SAQA in their 25th Anniversary Year!

Best wishes and Happy sewing,
Paul and Luana Rubin

Go to SAQA’s announcement.

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