Angel Wraps for preemies

Michele from Heart and Hands just made twelve tiny quilts she calls Angel Wraps for the tiniest of babies. Once donated to her local hospital, the personnel will use them to wrap around a baby before handing to the parents. She said,

They range from as tiny as a 9″ square to as large as a 14″ one. But each is special and made with love.

Think of all the blocks we have left over from our quilt making. Makes me want to check in with my local hospital. Learn more about this special project on her Post: Angel Wraps and Preemie Blankets.

Via Betty Lou at Sugarland Quilts.


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    Hi Michele!

    I just had to tell you…this is such a beautiful idea and such a beautiful quilt! I absolutely adore the name “Angel Wrap” so wonderfully appropriate:)

    Best of Luck “Wrapping little Angels!”

    Sandy Newhart

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    I just want to say that those who perform this kind, angelic, and selfless act of service are to be blessed. My grandson was anencephalic and was very premature and not born alive. When I walked in the hospital room, and got to hold that sweet baby, he was dressed in a tiny, beautiful satin gown, a sweet delicate hood pulled up over his head, and wrapped in a beautiful small blanket. Oh, how grateful I was for those who made this for my angel grandson. They kept our grandson’s body covered and protected, and gave us time to hold him, and mourn his loss. Thank you thank you thank you!

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