A trip to Cotton and Clover Dry Goods

Traveling this summer landed me at the steps of Cotton and Clover, a boutique in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This was my first trip there. As I approached the entrance, a note on the door said, “We’re sewing in the back, please ring the bell.” Now, that’s my kind of place.

Here’s a peek inside.

I love that heart quilt draped over the garment rack. Most everything for sale in this shop is handmade or embellished items. My kind of place.

Check out these adorable little girls dresses I found on their Facebook page. Besides children’s clothing, they make custom quilts. The owner told me baby quilts are their most popular quilted item right now. If you get a chance, do give them a visit either in person or virtually. I am certain Cotton and Clover Dry Goods will be your kind of place too.

Images credit: 1, 2, and 3 uploaded by editor. 4 Cotton and Clover Dry Goods Facebook


  1. mary says

    Wow! What a place. Wish you were nearby. The shop is not that far for a road trip, but other things prevent me. I love to check out quilt shops when I do travel and try to plan ahead. When I went to South Dakota one summer for a week I did get to 3 of the 5 I found on line. It was great to see Mount Rushmore, CrazY Horse, and even Devil’s Peak, but the quilt shops were sure a real plus.

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